Nov 22

Five Foto Friday: Roster moves from the week

Welcome to the 40-man roster, Lane Adams! High fives for you!
Adams with a highly skilled double-five

I hope Christian Colon is at least this smiley upon his addition to the 40-man.
Christian Colon

Former Husker Michael Mariot is also on the Big roster now. Woot for him!
Michael Mariot

Irving Falu was DFA’d and probably isn’t long for this organization. Surely someone will pick him up. It will be weird as heck to not have him around in Omaha but he’s someone who will hopefully get some kind of shot elsewhere. What GMs out there are still suckers for toolsy kinds of guys?
This is THE most serious high five picture ever. All business.

Felipe “Setback” Paulino electing free agency makes sense for him, but it makes me sad. When he was healthy, he was stealthily excellent. Consistent long outings, few walks, no BS. A pitcher like that can go a long way toward helping a teetering young team finish developing into a respectable one. If only he was ever, EVER healthy.
Paulino getting loose

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