Mar 18

Opening Day Countdown: 20

Let’s see if I can come up with a post every day of the rest of the offseason. Today, there are 20 days left until Opening Day on April 6.

Cain and his winning smile

Lorenzo Cain is one of the post-1985ers.


is a really small number. You guys, it’s now officially less than three weeks away from Opening Day!

One thing I forgot to note yesterday is that 21 is also the number of players on the Royals roster born after 1985. So half of our players – much like this blogger – have not been alive for a single instant of Kansas City playing in the postseason. Perhaps they can, someday, be the half-roster to change that for themselves?


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1 comment

  1. KCAstrosFan

    Hey Minda – I saw your response to Mitch’s letter from camp and it reminded me I wanted to reply to this blog entry. (Enjoying the countdown, btw!)

    A part of me feels old as you talk about the age of the current Royals roster. But at the same time I wouldn’t trade my memories of watching the Royals grow-up together in the 70’s for anything. I was born in Missouri. And even though I was only 6 when they won their first division title the euphoria was obvious even at my young age.

    The stars on those early teams have striking resemblances to the current team. Brett (Hosmer), Frank White (shortstop Jesus), Willie (Cain), Amos Otis (Gordon). These guys were (are) the key to filling Royals Stadium (Kauffman Stadium) night after night and ultimately watching October baseball in Kansas City! For those of you born after the “hey-day’s” – there is no other feeling like it!

    Even though I live in Houston I still follow the Royals religiously. And your blog and the various others (Pine Tar Press, Royals Authority, Royals Review, etc) make it that much enjoyable! It feels like I am re-living the anticipation and excitement all over again. Thanks Minda! You Rock!

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