Nov 19

It’s that time of year…(An Amazon pledge drive reminder)

Next week is Thanksgiving already, somehow. According to every store, that means it’s already time to start playing the most grating versions* of  ‘Sleigh Ride’ on a loop while reminding shoppers to start their holiday spending early.

*all versions. That song is awful.

But, you’re tech-savvy enough to be reading a little-known baseball blog, which means you’re likely the type to shop online and avoid those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-ting-a-ling tooooooo. If you want to delight TWO people with every purchase, please consider using my Amazon link to do your holiday shopping.

Remember, this does not affect the price of your purchase at all. The handful of dedicated ‘shoppers’ I have can attest to that. What it DOES do is enable to me to keep running this site and keep using a Flickr Pro account. It enables me to go to more ballgames to take more photos for other bloggers to use – free of charge, as always. Heck, it was Amazon money that paid for my gas to drive to Kansas City to represent the blogosphere for FanFest.

I’m not asking for a straight-up cash donations. Plenty of places deserve that more, especially this time of year. (Child’s Play comes to mind.) I ask only that you join my wonderful shoppers who have chosen to spread a little extra joy with every Amazon purchase.

To start, here’s one of my favorite Christmas movies. I watch it every year while I’m wrapping presents.

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