Sep 13

Vote Omaha Royals!

The top 24 choices are in…the Omaha (for now)Royals need a name for the future.

22 of the names are either terrible or humiliating, or both.

‘Monarchs’ would be a livable choice.

The obvious winner, if you ask me (please ask me) is:

The Omaha Royals. Go forth, and vote. If you don’t mind sharing, let me know in the comments which names you chose!

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  1. Pam

    How can you not like “Thunderbats”!?

    1. Minda Haas

      You know, if I were a guy, I might like to be on a team called the Thunderbats. Sounds like a good awful pickup line. “Hey baby, want to go home with a Thunderbat?”

      Thanks for voting!

      1. Pam

        hope they don’t think it’s too weird to get a vote from someone with a zip code of 08873!

      2. Dave


  2. Pam

    PS – I felt bad for you, so I voted for “Royals”

  3. KC_Baseball

    1. Royals
    2. Royals
    3. Royals

    1. Minda Haas


  4. Dave

    ORoyals is good and classic. No complaints. But…Sodbusters is just INCREDIBLE! I love it! Almost makes me wish it were the Sarpy Sodbusters.

    The company doing the graphic work on the new unis/logos is really good, so I’m excited to see what they come up with.

    If anyone is interested:


    1. Minda Haas

      Thanks for passing along the links, Dave.

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