May 23

Photos of the Day: Omaha Royals v. Salt Lake Bees

At the last minute, I decided to skip out on watching Zack Greinke take on the Rockies, and went to Rosenblatt instead. It was the series finale between the ORoyals and the Salt Lake Bees (Angels). It ended up being a delightful pitchers’ duel, which Omaha won 2-1. It was a muggy day in Omaha, but a beautiful breeze kept things cool. Here are a few of my favorite things photos. All of them are copyright me, May 23, 2010.

David Lough and Mike Jirschele talk something over after the first innings.
Kurt Mertins (left) and Marc Maddox watch their teammates bat from the dugout.

Alex Gordon watches a pitch bounce in the dirt.

My friend asked Anthony Lerew if he would possibly refill her water bottle for her.
His reply:
*SIIIIIIGH* “I’m tanning.”

He did get her the water, eventually. And I stinkin’ love this photo.

Jordan Parraz tripped (I think) on his way to home plate, and ended up PLOWING through the catcher. This is that.

I hope you enjoyed these. There are many more on Facebook – here is a public link to the album. Today’s photos start at photo #100 in the set.  

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