Sep 09

Royals, Naturals, Blue Rocks and Bees all win

The Royals won at every level* tonight. I’m confident that doesn’t happen often.

*every level that is still active – KC and the 3 teams that reached the postseason.

Major Leagues

Kansas City lost the shutout late in the game, but still held on for a 5-1 win behind a surprising 6-inning 8 (!) strikeout, 3-hit start from Robinson Tejeda. Billy Butler cranked out three doubles, and Alex Gordon punctuated his return to the Bigs with a double and a walk. Hell, even Yuni! The Musical worked a walk.

Kyle Farnsworthing Farnsworth  threw two perfect innings.  Then Jamey Wright, uhh…Jamey Wrighted. Thankfully, Joakim Soria was there to sop up that awful mess.


This is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever heard. Random ex-Brave Anthony Lerew threw a complete game 2-hitter…on just 73 pitches. That is just ridiculous. Northwest Arkansas won 6-0 to kick off their part of the Texas League playoffs.

Advanced A

   The stacked Wilmington team beat up on Lynchburg 7-1 tonight. Four Blue Rocks players had multi-hit games.

Low A

Burlington exploded for 16 hits and 12 runs as they dispatched the Kane County Cougers 12-7. Left fielder Adrian Ortiz had 4 hits, including 2 doubles. The corner infield piled on a bunch of offense too: Jason Taylor and Jason Morales each had 3 hits.

Tonight feels good.I know this team still has hundreds of problems and a delusional GM (Lee absolutely nailed what was wrong with GMDM’s fan chat comments), but some bright spots all performed well tonight, and I’d like to just enjoy all these layers of victory.     

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