Sep 24

Saves per win

Captain Jack. Photo by me, 2010

After the Royals wrapped up win number 63 tonight, fans everywhere EXPLODED with joy. The Royals can’t lose 100!

….OK. The joy wasn’t that great. But it was a win for the team, and another save for Soria. That’s 41 saves for Soria in 63 wins for the team. Commenter Gus Zernial at Royals Review said, “Our save to win ratio has to be the highest in baseball.”

That sounded right, but I couldn’t leave it at that. So I looked it up.

Sure enough, the Royals lead the Majors in “Saves to Wins,” which is a totally pointless thing but I figured it out anyway. Here are your top five:

Saves Wins Percent
Kansas City 41 63 65.01%
Seattle 36 58 62.01%
San Francisco 52 85 61.17%
Houston 43 73 58.90%
Pittsburgh 30 53 56.60%

And your bottom five:

Saves Wins Percent
New York Yanks 38 92 42%
Minnesota 39 92 42.39%
Philly 39 92 42.39%
Detroit 31 77 40.26%
St Louis 29 77 37.66%

I don’t know if it means anything, but notice that four of the top five teams in this category are bad teams. Three of the bottom five are good teams. What does this mean?

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  1. Craig

    I’ll tell you what it means… Double Rainbow.

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    […] Minda Haas at Royal Blues had an interesting post where she looked at the Royals win to save ratio and found it to be the highest in the majors this season.  I’m not surprised.  The Royals have […]

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