Jul 29

Facebook commenter theatre: The Podsednik trade reactions

Scott Podsednik

OK, to be honest, I will miss looking at the guy.

It’s not that I dislike Scott Podsednik, but I strongly disliked what signing him meant for some of the younger players around him in KC. If the Royals were serious about whipping this team into shape so they could contend in the near future, I didn’t think Pods had any business being on the team. This is a lost season; we all knew that before Opening Day – so why not let guys like Mitch “MITCH” Maier really show what they could do?

Pods is not young, the Royals are not going anywhere this year. What was his purpose?

But Dayton Moore had a plan in mind. All he needed was for Podsednik to have a decent enough first half, and he could flip him this week. I suspect that if Ankiel had been healthy and somehow played well, this post would be about him instead – or there would be another, very similar post about him as well.

I think it’s great. Even if newly acquired Lucas May is “only” a Triple-A catcher, I still feel better about having May as a backup option (instead of Cody Clark) if anything happens to Old Ironsides Kendall. (The other catcher at Omaha at the moment is Manny Pina, whom I adore but he has very little experience here.) And it sounds like people think Elisaul Pimental can develop into something decent.

Also, did I hear that the Dodgers are even picking up part of Pods’ salary, too? That’s golden. Really, God bless Ned Colletti.

Anyway, on to the hilarious comments from the official Royals Facebook fan page. My thoughts are in italics, and all [sics] are implied.

G.D. wrote, “Hello Fire Sale…….Im am done with the team and the damn franchise…..good riddance.”
The guy had already written “hello fire sale” twice, and then said this. But really? Trading Scott Podsednik – a rental! – is the thing that makes a guy say he’s done? Really?

B.M. wrote, “WOW what retards we have runnin this team. Absolute fools”
I’d LOVE to see this guy run a team. Low-hanging fruit is so fun! Also, we do NOT condone the use of the word “retard” here. Tsk tsk.

J.T. wrote, “the royals are true idiots!! we are locked at catcher and we have plenty of pitchers!!! dumb dumb move! way to go glass”
Oh goodness. I’m dying here. I know my brother can hear me cackling from all the way upstairs.

M.M. wrote, “Acquired who? Dislike… this just in, Royals trade Greinke for the Red Sox groundskeeper and their head usher.”
Yes, because you haven’t heard of the guys means they are no better for the team than an usher. Good job!

J.S. wrote, “Another catcher?? Seriously??!!!”
She’s right. Our problem has ALWAYS been that we have too darn many catchers!

K.P. wrote, “Why would they trade their best home run hitter….especially when the 2 people they got will be going to the minors instead of helping them win?????”
She’s kidding, right? Sweet candied yams, please tell me she’s kidding.

W.E. wrote, “WHy WHY WHY…this is insane…Pds isa good talent..not for long term for sure, but can we at LEAST get through this season..next it will Soria…Guillen…Kendall…then who….wow.”
How long has the rental system been at play in MLB? About the same amount of time this fan has been living under a rock, I think.

You idiots! Dude! Your gonna yell stuff on teh Internets now!


I could keep doing this, but my momma taught me not to pick on easy targets. And for whatever reason, that Facebook page is full of the easiest of targets. In all seriousness, this was a nice trade. Maybe not earth-shattering, but a good flip – especially if LA is indeed picking up part of Pods’ salary. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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  1. BH

    here’s a late contender for the FB comment honors

    “Dayton More… You are an IDIOT!!!!! Lets trade our lead off hitter for two minor leaguers that we wont even see for atleast two years!!!! I’m ready to bring back Alliard Bared!”

  2. AxDxMx

    I encourage you to keep picking on the comments. I started to wade through the garbage, but felt like my head was going to explode.

  3. Dan

    You’re wrong! He’s a stud… er, never mind.

  4. Daniel

    I read through most of those last night… it’s hilarious, but in another sense just goes to show that 98% of baseball fans don’t understand how the game works, and what teams like the Royals need to do to compete. Just imagine what they’ll see if/when we can get Guillen out of here!

  5. Paul B

    seriously, many of these fools should have their fan card removed. These are the same people that you look at around the stadium and think “that person has never played any organized sport in their lives”

  6. Chris H

    I don’t care if somebody hasn’t played an organized sport in their lives. These people aren’t necessarily dumb, they’re just ignorant. Some probably watch the games, some probably don’t. But what they don’t do is try to learn about the game. If anybody out there thinks they “know” about baseball because they played it and they listen to Ryan and Frank every night, then you’re wrong. And I suspect most of these people on Facebook listen to Ryan and Frank and think they understand. Unfortunately, there’s such a gap in fan intelligence that the dummies will never attempt to learn. So sources like Royals Review, Rany, Royals Prospects, FanGraphs, etc. will never be touched.

  7. Jeff

    Ha, good stuff. They eerily resemble texts I received from my dad and brother last night. DNA fail!!!

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