Jun 23

The Tupman Era has ended

The Royals have released 29-year-old catcher Matt Tupman. Apparently he requested this move, after a three-and-a-half-year tenure with the Royals in which he only ever got one plate appearance in the Majors. After watching some of Brayan Pena’s awful defense while Tupman continues to get stashed in the minors…well, I can’t say I blame him if he did in fact ask for his release.

John Suomi has been promoted to Omaha in Tupman’s place.

In Tupman, the organization is losing someone who, I’m told, is excellent at keeping inexperienced guys in line, and handling pitchers’ emotions and egos. Heck, Tupman was the only catcher before Miguel Olivo to yell at Zack Greinke and get away with it.

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  1. Paul

    Tuppy has a great work ethic and handled his pitchers well. The coaches from Buddy Bell era loved him. He is a solid defender and his teammates loved him. The Royals should of traded John Buck for a prospect and saved money to get a shortstop ( sorry M. Avilles), and bring Tupman up. Yes, Buck hits a few homers, but thats it and has no defense. Tupman did ask for his release, but, he knew he was not in there plans, especially with Hillman. Goodluck Tuppy we will miss you in Surprise.

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