Aug 18

Kip Wells….yep. Back to baseball!

I do love the Kansas City Star, and I am eternally grateful that it is available online for free. But two things bother me about it:
1) The comment section
There’s not much the Star can do about the comment sections, but they are often filled with unrivaled idiocy and misguided vitrol by people who are sure they are geniuses. I am always amazed at some of the things people say, opinions and “solutions” for the Royals which are obviously not researched in the slightest nor given any practical thought before the words are committed to the comment box.
The smart thing to do would be to stop reading, but I can’t. Anyway, I found this comment in the Kip Wells story to be particularly…something:
“He should be a “free” agent, because he’s not worth a nickel!”

Um. Yeah. Thanks for that, YAWN, if that is your real name. I’ll get to Wells’ value in a second, but first the other thing that bugs me about the online edition of the Star.

2) Awkwardly large and often pixelly pictures.

I’m pretty sure that player mugs are meant to be displayed in a small size, like the ones on everyone’s player page. (Take David DeJesus, for example, because that’s what my whims dictate.)
So when I open a story on kansascity.com, it’s alarming to find things like this staring back at me:

The face of Kip Wells, enlarged to show texture
Kip Wells just ate a bad burrito
Kip Wells believes that the cameras are stealing his soul
Someone just told Kip Wells that his dog died
Kip Wells was just informed that the Rockies had DFA’d him

…oh wait. That last one really did happen. Anyway, there’s not a whole lot to criticize or praise about this pickup for the Royals. Some of our starters aren’t pitching deep into games, we just traded away one reliever, our stud veteran setup guy isn’t healthy, and Trey Hillman made a vow to only use his best pitcher once a week, and even then only for the 9th. They had to get somebody, and Wells was suddenly available. Dutton writes that Wells will be used to bolster the bullpen, but it’s not unrealistic to think he could be used as a spot starter if anything happens to the rotation.
Meanwhile, Kansas City had yet another off day, and Omaha was rained out in Oklahoma, so it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen the Royals play. (Yeah, there was a Kansas City game yesterday, but that doesn’t mean any of them actually played any baseball. Yikes.) Alberto Callaspo and Joey Gathright were both 0fer in their respective rehab appearances Sunday night in Oklahoma. Then again, the majority of the lineup went 0fer in that game, so whatever.
I’ll be moving back to Lincoln (while still working in Omaha) later this week, so posts might be sparse for the next week or so. Again, I extend my traditional invitation to anyone in the Omaha area to come catch an ORoyals game before the season ends! Here’s what’s on tap for the last homestand, from oroyals.com. See you at Rosenblatt?

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    Thanks, Mike.HOWEVER, thanks to the magic of the Internet, I have actually had the full album for a couple of weeks already. And it is GREAT.”Last Journey Home” might be my favorite, but that keeps changing.

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    Ohhhh…so you’re a stealer… I had no idea.Just kidding…I’ve been known to search out music of my favorite bands well before the release date as well.

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