Aug 01

Random Stats Rundown

I’m a little high on David DeJesus after his lovely catch last night against Torii Hunter, so here is a list of some categories in which DeJesus leads the Royals:
Games (105)
At bats (421)
Runs (75)
Hits (118)
Doubles (24)
Tied – Triples (6, along with Tony Pena Jr. and Mark Teahen)
Total bases (169)
Walks (44)
Hit by pitch (14 – leads the AL)

However, his inability to steal bases takes away that high a little bit, so here are some categories in which he does NOT lead the team:
Home runs (5)
RBI (2nd to Teahen, but DDJ
is a leadoff man)
Stolen bases (5)
Stolen base percentage: (55.6%)
OBP (.365)
Slugging percentage (.401)
Batting average (.280)

ROYALS TRIVIA QUESTION: Ryan Shealy, the KC first baseman who is currently rehabbing with the O-Royals, has struck out every ____ ABs in his time with the big-league club this season? (Answer at end of post, and bear in mind that I love Ryan Shealy and am not trying to bash him. It’s just a random stats thing.)

Other important Royals stats:

Games behind the White Sox: 1
Games ahead of the Devil Rays (in case of a bizarre league restructuring which would put KC and TB in the same division): 3.5
Number of consecutive winning months KC has had: 2 (for the first time since June-July of 2003!)
MLB teams whose records are equal to or worse than KC: 7
Mustard wins: 20
Relish wins: 19
Ketchup wins: 16

TRIVIA ANSWER: 3.25, but Shealy’s bat has warmed up some as he nears the end of his rehab assignment. In his last 10 games with Omaha, Shealy has 11 hits, including 3 doubles and 3 home runs for a .282 average. One of his homers was a grand slam over Colorado Springs on Monday.

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    I love Dave as much as the next Royals fan, but let’s play imaginary offseason…Royals traded for Kyle Davies because they plan on getting a big outfield bat this winter…let’s say, Andruw Jones because of Dayton Moore’s Atlanta ties. What would you rather have as your outfield…a) Jones, DeJesus, Teahanb) Jones, Gathwright, Teahanc) Jones, Gathwright, DeJesus.I think I’d go for b. Like I said, I’m a DeJesus fan, but I think he is limited in what he can do and I don’t think he’s going to grow anymore as a player.I don’t think that the Royals are going to spend the money to get Andruw Jones, but with Sweeney, Sanders, Dotel, Brown and Larue all coming off the payroll, they’ll have a chance to sign a big bat.By the way…I found your blog from your comment on the Sould of Baseball blog and I’m always up for talking Royals baseball. Good stuff and good luck!

  2. <img src="http://www.blogge

    Welcome, Mike! Can we have both? What about moving Teahen back to the infield — 1st base maybe? — and having a Jones, DeJesus, Gathright outfield? Maybe putting Teahen at 1st would undermine his enormous athletic ability, but it would keep him in the lineup every day. And remember, DeJesus is on a big 5-year deal. But I will concede to the fact that he is not the very best outfielder, but the club values him greatly for his intense work ethic. Volumes have been written about how even when he’s not playing well, the club considers him an asset because he always leads by example and works hard. On the field, he hustles (and he does get great jumps on fly balls, at least give him credit for that) and is clearly willing to sacrifice his body to make every out he possibly can.However, his baserunning is…often lacking, and his ability to steal has not improved any since he first showed his face in the majors. Anyhoodle, I’m not sure what all that has to do with anything, I just like to talk about DeJesus. This will be the most interesting KC offseason in a long time, because as long as our pitching staff at is at least satisfactory for the rest of the season, I agree with you that the club will go after a big bat for next year.

  3. <img src="http://www.blogge

    Ketchup wins-16??? What’s up with that???

  4. <img src="http://www.blogge

    Let’s not focus on the things DJ does not do, but instead focus on what he does do well! He’s an excellent lead off man, stolen bases be damned. This ain’t the 80s anymore, and stolen bases, stonewashed jeans and hypercolor shirts should all be packed away and put at the bottom of the closet.Oh, and we caught the SOX last night. Woo-hoo!

  5. <img src="http://www.blogge

    Mom,I’m guessing Ketchup will go on a tear later this season and catch up. (Get it? Ketchup, catch up? Ohhh I should not be allowed to touch a computer when I’m just emerging from a migraine.)Max,Maybe this post (and my subsequent comment) doesn’t show it well enough, but I love David DeJesus. I love how hard he plays, I love how he clearly loves what he does for a living, I love how he treats his fans (me!). I understand that he’s had two major slumps this season, which is why his batting average and OBP are lower than they probably should be. But when he’s not in a slump, he’s exciting and he’s reliable in the leadoff spot.

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