Jun 04

Random round-up

– I’m not sure whether it’s worth my time to write about Alex Rodriguez right now. I can’t stand the man, and according to a Sports Illustrated Poll of MLB players, neither can many big leaguers. Anyway, I was thinking about his little yelling fiasco…things like this make it easy for me to dislike him so much. I’m not a pro player or anything, but even I know that you just don’t do that.
I wanted to know what other bloggers thought about this childish move, and there were plenty who agree with me that it was a boneheaded thing to do. Then there was this one, which offered the suggestion that A-Rod was making a desperate move to move his struggling, (nearly) cellar-dwelling team toward victory.
Just as I started to think this may have been an almost acceptable theory, I stumbled upon Detroit closer Todd Jones‘ thoughts on the matter. He reinforced my idea that “you just don’t do that,” and refuted the idea that yelling at the infielders was a winning strategy. Thanks, Todd!
– My car is at the mechanic’s garage, and I’m scared. Not scared that they’ll screw me, because my brothers have had great experiences and friendly, fair service from these guys, but scared that my car might die. I like my Taurus; I don’t want a new car at all. It gets me from A to B (unless I’m stuck in my house with an injury…), and that’s all I want in a vehicle.
– Meanwhile, the Royals are behind on the D-Rays 3-0. A series win would be wonderful, as it would help us immensely in putting ourselves ahead of Tampa Bay (along with Texas and Cincinnati) for the MLB basement. However, I can take comfort in the fact that by this date in 2006, KC had only won 14 (as opposed to 21 wins going into today), and in 2005 had only won 17.
Hm. I can also take comfort in John Buck. He just homered, making the score 3-1.
– The O-Royals have played well lately, losing only three in their last 11 games. That span includes a 4-game sweep over Oklahoma, a series win (3-1) over New Orleans, a series split with Tacoma, and 2 wins so far over Portland. They’re only 3.5 games out of first in their division. I don’t want to jinx anything here, but if they continue to play well, they have a shot at overtaking first place (and definitely coasting into 2nd) within the next week and a half. They’ve done well at Portland, and will play 2nd-place Nashville in a 4-game series later this week. After that, they will head back to the road (but not too far) for a series with the 1st-place Iowa Cubs.
Bake these. They’re simple, and delicious. 8 minutes makes them perfect.
– I’ll have more thoughts later, once the KC game is finished. After 5 innings, it’s still 3-1.

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