Apr 28

Y’Know Meter: April 27 (7-6 W @ MIN)

Thanks to a migraine, I caught the last few innings tonight. I was supposed to be at wedding-related stuff (not MY wedding; relax). Tomorrow, I will be thrilled to watch two of my best friends marry each other. This is so exciting, because I know with certainty that TWO of my closest friends will not marry some creep. What a relief!

ANYWAY, on to the task at hand. I included the on-field interviews tonight, just for kicks. However, since it was a co-interview with Jeff Francoeur and Mike Moustakas, I couldn’t get a proper Y’Know Per Minute (YPM) figure. Alex Gordon was the runaway winner, taking only 21 seconds to top everyone else’s marks. Jonathan Broxton defied logic by not saying it at all!

Name: Number of Y'Knows - Time - YPM

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