Sep 18

Update from the Family Resource Center

Back in April, all proceeds from my Amazon Affiliate link were given to the Family Resource Center in my hometown. The Center helps families of all types, whether they’re established families with tons of kids or new parents figuring things out for the first time. One of the most brilliant, yet totally sensible, services provided there is the clothing exchange, which is just like a library, but for kids’ clothes.

Sometimes, though, people bring in “stuff” instead of clothing. Car seats (which are all tested and approved for safety standards before being shared), the occasional crib, and a Bumbo once in a while. Those get snatched up as fast as they are brought in. My mom emailed today to say someone brought in a sofa, which might be a first.

And wouldn’t you know it? The sofa was needed, immediately and desperately. Here’s my mom with what happened to it:

I had no idea where I was going to put it, but I was sure someone would need it sooner or later.  A clothing customer heard us talking about the sofa and asked about it.  The family (husband, wife, and 4 young children) had lost everything in a house fire recently.  They were using plastic chairs to sit on in the living room in their new rental home.  They left with lots of clothing for the children and a new sofa for their living room.  I love my job!

She also wanted to pass along thanks to each of you who shopped via my Affiliate link in April. If you were a part of that, pat yourself on the back! You helped in more ways than you know – with a budget as tight as the Center’s and as many services as it provides, literally every little bit counts.

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