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Jul 12

My All-Star experience: In bullets!

Back to real life. This is no fun. Here are some All-Star Game bullet points as I count the seconds until regular baseball comes back:

  • I typically despise the All-Star break and only watch the Derby or the game if I’ve got some blogging commitment. The empty MLB schedule feels like a tiny little winter in the middle of summer, and you guys know how I feel about winter. But I still jumped at the opportunity to buy Amanda Rykoff’s extra ticket, because I love meeting Internet people in real life!
  • Through another series of “how is this my life” coincidences, I ended up with the opportunity to do red green carpet photography at a party put on by the MLB Players’ Association and Players For The Planet. It was amazing. The pictures I took are here. My favorites are the ones of Curtis Granderson – you will see why when you look through the photo album!
  • I try my best to not get starstruck or whatever, but I geeked out more than a little bit upon meeting Justin Verlander. Hello favorite!
  • The Derby was more fun than I thought it would be. I felt like a little kid watching Prince splashing so many into the fountains. And when Trumbo hit the one on top of the HoF roof, Amanda and I actually stood up and high-fived each other. We couldn’t help ourselves. That ball, by the way, was on display inside the HoF by Tuesday afternoon when we stopped by.
  • Not a single part of this would have been possible without Twitter. Haters of Twitter: To the left, please.
  • I’m so proud of my cousin and his team. So many people from around the country were seeing CrownVision for the first time, and I heard nothing but good things.
  • Being at The K with someone who was visiting for the first time was an absolute delight. I’ve been there more than a few times, but saw the familiar stadium through fresh eyes by walking around with Amanda.
  • As I was leaving the view level last night, I heard a very old man behind me tell his friend, “This week, I crossed FOUR things off my bucket list.” <——THIS. THIS is why we do sports, isn’t it?

Again – check out my pictures from the MLBPA party. Despite wearing my most comfortable heels, my feet were killing me by the end of the night. So I hope people enjoy the fruits of my labor*.

Hopefully my next post will be to congratulate Wil Myers on his promotion to Kansas City?

*most fun labor EVER


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  1. Mark LaFlamme

    “…a tiny little winter in the middle of summer.”
    Wow. Way to sum up my feelings on the break in nine eloquent words.

    1. Minda Haas


  2. Matt

    I thought the ASG Fanfest helped kind of curb that feeling for me. I was so busy the past three days that I couldn’t stop to think “Hey, I really miss baseball.” I’m proud of my city for being so into everything about the All-Star Break that they broke attendance records on pretty much everything. If that doesn’t tell Glass “Relevant baseball or GTFO” then I don’t know what will!

    1. Minda Haas

      Good point! The city represented itself really well, as far as I could tell (other than the monsters who bothered Cano’s family). I met the mayor at the party, and even though it was past 1:00 by the time he got there, he looked positively aglow with pride for the city. Everyone worked their tails off to get to this point and it really showed!

      1. Matt

        Yeah, the Cano family thing was unfortunate. Was that confirmed that that had happened? As much as I like this city, there are a ton of jerks here as well (though that’s the case anywhere you go). I am jealous you got to go to that party! Was that the thing in the tents between the stadiums?

  3. KCAstrosFan

    Minda – your perspective is always refreshing! Thank you for sharing!

    Now could you please share some of that positive vibe with Monty — we need starting pitching so we can get back into the pennant race. How cool would it be to see that same fervor in September that we saw for a (too) brief two days at the K in July???

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