Mar 07

Why do I never post anymore?

This blog has been stunningly empty lately, hasn’t it? I suppose it’s time to explain why – number 3 on this list is the most important, so you’re welcome to skip to that.

#1) I’m in 21 hours of school, and only 3-6 of them aren’t insane. Hopefully I can finish all of them and graduate in May, but staying on top of all those classes takes a lot of time away from blog reading and writing.

#2) It’s Spring Training. I’m not IN Arizona, so I don’t have any useful dispatches from the front lines. And because of reason #1, there’s not a whole lot left to say by the time I sit down at the computer in a given day. All I really have are box scores and reports from other people, and given the nature of Spring Training, those things aren’t terribly useful. I can’t see the pitches that so-and-so is working on, or watch for swing changes or whatever.

#3) My health is not awesome right now. A bunch of doctors have no idea what’s wrong, but something neurological is sapping me of things like my short-term memory, reading comprehension, and other things that are vital for both blogging and continued sanity. So while I wait for that to get figured out, I have to devote more time to all my homework because everything takes so dang long to read and process.

Thanks for your patience here, and remember – Opening Day is THIS month.

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  1. KC_Baseball

    Sorry to hear that Minda. Hope things get figured out and better soon!

  2. Mark LaFlamme

    Hope you come through whatever crap is vexing you, Minda. Maybe it’ll turn out to be something embarrassingly superficial. Let’s hope so. I really like your blog. What you lack in abundance, you make up for in style. Hang in there.

  3. Dave

    Sorry to hear about #3. Waiting for doctors to figure stuff out is frustrating enough let alone the symptoms you’re dealing with. I hope you get an accurate diagnosis soon. And hopefully you get to feeling back on track just as soon.

  4. KCAstrosFan

    Thanks for the explanation Minda! We had been missing you! I will be praying for your return to full health. Knowing that Moose and Hosmer are having hot springs should make anyone feel better. HA!

  5. Minda Haas

    Thanks, all! I’ve got my fingers crossed for something that’s easy to fix, so we can get back to baseball!

    KCAstrosFan – there is no ill that Moose and Hosmer can’t fix, hah!

  6. Ron in NM

    I enjoy your updates and the photo’s shared, I hope you feel better soon.

  7. mike

    love all of your posts.
    hope you get to feeling better soon.
    many of us are praying for you.

  8. Matt (Boots)

    Sorry to hear about your health. Hope you get better soon.

  9. Matt

    Take your time on the posts. I know that the good ones will be well worth the wait.
    Also, I hope you feel better soon and that things get figured out quickly.

  10. RocketCy

    Have you ever seen #1 and #3 together in the same room at the same time? Because I think they might secretly be the same person.

    Get well soon.

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