Sep 14

Why vote Royals? Part VI

OK, this is probably the last one. Sorry about today; I kind of ran too far with the idea.

Besides a deep sense of tradition, there are plenty of reasons to vote to keep the Royals name as the team moves to its new ballpark next season.

Here’s what we might have to put up with if the vote goes another way:

I've never drawn a tornado before.

As with Hailstorm, this is dumb. Hurr hurr, let’s name a team after a thing in nature that happens here. Only, instead of calling them the Tornadoes, let’s take it a step back and call them the thing that turns into a tornado! Word on the street is that Carolina’s renaming their NHL team the Tropical Depressions!

Man, I hate all these names. Please, again, just go vote Royals.

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