Sep 13

Why Vote Royals? Part IV

Besides a deep sense of tradition, there are plenty of reasons to vote to keep the Royals name as the team moves to its new ballpark next season.

Here’s what we might have to put up with if the vote goes another way:

OHAI! We've taken over your fields; now you have to kill us!

Prairie dogs are pests who eff up the land and breed prolifically. When there’s an overpopulation, landowners GAS them. Awesome, we could be rodents!

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  1. Ron in NM

    You convinced me to vote for the Royals even tho I live in NM, not sure what I’ll do if I win the season tickets, I doubt my wife would consider that reason enough to move to NE……

    1. Minda Haas

      Thanks for voting, Ron.

      In all seriousness, if you win the tickets, e-mail me. I’ll help you find a good home for them!

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