Sep 15

Back by Demand: Why Vote Royals? Part VII

OK, the people have spoken. I guess I’m doing more of these.

Besides a deep sense of tradition, there are plenty of reasons to vote to keep the Royals name as the team moves to its new ballpark next season.

Here’s what we might have to put up with if the vote goes another way:

Let's give ourselves a nickname!

I’m guessing the nominator of this name thought it was a clever two-level suggestion: ‘Bombers’ has its place in baseball nomenclature, and the name plays on the presence of an Air Force base. However, there’s a third level: This name would be just like a young athlete/musician/whatever giving himself a nickname he hasn’t earned.

Nobody called the New York Yankees ‘the Bronx Bombers’ until after they had earned it with their prolific offense. You can’t just call a team that and hope the hitting matches the name later. What if the Omaha Blue Bombers suck in a few years? The name will be a huge joke.

And even if the team is a home run mashing force of nature, it’s still not as cool of a name as the nominator probably thought.

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