Jul 20

Tidbits: Disco, babies, etc.

– As you’ve perhaps heard, the Royals released Disco Hayes. Greg Schaum asked me to share some thoughts on his site, RoyalsProspects.com. You can go read that, if you wish. And comment and such, please.

DSC_6511.JPG– My brother and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world early this morning. (Did my brother have the Royals game on during labor? You bet!) I went to meet my niece this evening. Her eyes were open and she was looking around for a while. Then Anthony Lerew gave up that home run in the first. I turned the baby toward the TV and told her to get ready to see a LOT of baseball like that. She responded by squeezing her eyes shut.

Even at 1 day old, my niece is a smart gal.

– I’m going to Kansas City tomorrow morning. I’ll see if I can get a firsthand report from Lerew about his injury. I didn’t actually see him get hit, but I hope he’s OK. If he’s hurt, who would play the role of the stopgap for the stopgap?

The sideburns were in excellent form, though.

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