Mar 30

Taking a stab at the O-Royals roster

Last year, I don’t recall it being this hard to figure out who’d be playing in Omaha. Was it a mystery then? Because I’m flummoxed now. Who will be taking the field next Thursday?

Jordan Parraz – RF
This seems pretty set in stone. Parraz’s decent range and cannon arm make him an obvious fit in right field, and that’s where he’s played the most -by far – in his career.
Jarrod Dyson – CF
Scott Thorman – LF
Shane Costa – all three OF spots, as needed.
David Lough – Will get here at some point. He’ll play all 3 OF spots, I think.

It’s likely (almost certain) that Mike Aviles and Alex Gordon will be in Omaha, so there’s half of the infield. Poor Kila will still be stuck where he’s much too good to play. I mean, that’s great for the fans. He’s a blast to watch.

That leaves us with Mario Lisson – whom we’ve heard nothing about all spring – and Irving Falu. Lisson can play third base and shortstop. Falu can play short, 2nd, a a little bit of 3rd, and right field if you need someone out there.

I asked Robert Ford if he thinks Wilson Betemit is in that mix, too, but Ford said Betemit will probably request release if he doesn’t make the big club coming out of this weekend. So I’m counting him out. (Also, follow Ford on Twitter.)

I see Ka’aihue filling this role at times, and Scott Thorman will take over 1B on those days. Thorman can also DH on days when the outfield is something like Costa/Dyson/Parraz – or after David Lough gets promoted and crowds up the outfield picture even more. Costa could also DH if any of his myriad injuries acts up and necessitates a break from the field.

Oh, jeez. Edwin Bellorin and….who? Cody Clark?

So, in list form, we have:
RF – Parraz
CF – Dyson
LF – Thorman
Other outfielders – Costa, Lough, sometimes Falu
1B – Ka’aihue, sometimes Thorman
2B – Falu, and perhaps Aviles depending on what his rehab schedule is like
SS – Lisson and Aviles, again depending on Aviles’ rehab needs
3B – Gordon for now, then….someone? This will get weird if Aviles and Gordon get back to the Majors quickly.
C – Bellorin, Clark

These are my best guesses, but a lot  can happen in 9 days. I’ll try to make some sense of the pitching rotation tomorrow.

And of course, please come out and say hello next Thursday at Rosenblatt! I’ll be working, but don’t hesitate to say hi – I love meeting you guys, because it’s ALWAYS great to talk to such dedicated and intelligent baseball fans. Unofficially, I’ll be wearing jersey number 1/3 again this season, so hopefully that makes it easier for y’all to spot me.

Also, Opening Night happens to be Thirsty Thursday. Jus’ sayin’.

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