Feb 16

Countdown to Opening Day: 48 Josh B Anderson OPS+

As we slog through the time that’s sandwiched between the end of
football and the start of baseball, I’ll be counting down the days until
Opening Day with a countdown of random Royals-related numbers. Most of them
mean nothing – this isn’t supposed to be a groundbreaking series of research –
but they’ll hopefully make the days go faster until Opening Day.

48 Days = Josh Anderson’s OPS+ last season in KC

Josh Anderson was a rather useless pickup, and now he’s gone. In 44 miserable games for Kansas City, “Gathwhite” put up a line of.237/.268/.288. His OPS+ in that time was 48.

Don’t forget to watch curling and men’s short program figure skating and hockey today! And probably lots of other Olympics stuff which is awesome but not as awesome as baseball!

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