Jan 26


I had another post cooking about one of my very favorite Royals prospects, but this triumphant news is way more important.

Zack Greinke signs 4-year deal with the Royals!

This is the best thing that has happened all winter. I have to run off to lunch, but really…what could I say that could adequately describe how awesome this long-awaited day is? The only thing that could show how giddy this makes me is this YouTube classic.

UPDATE: OK, Craig has put up an actual post, complete with substance. Go read that instead.

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  1. Ray W

    Whoo something VERY VERY positive from you !!!
    Other then the fact you beat me to it

  2. Jon

    This is indeed great news!!

  3. Minda Haas

    Haha, Ray, I was just about to facebook you to say “I did it! I made a positive post!” This is truly a blessed day.
    (But for the record, I had aaaaaalmost finished up a real, substantial post that was also very positive. So when that goes up, that’s TWO positive posts. Yes I Can!)

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