Mar 28

An interview and a dilemma

Interview: Due to some crazy homework happenings, I have not been able to get to my Royals projections Part II. That should come this weekend, but I can’t make any promises. In the meantime, Ray at Royals on Radio, Etc. was kind enough to interview me.
Dilemma: This could also be labeled a “travesty,” and “abomination,” and even “a tragedy.” As you well know, the real Opening Day (I refuse to acknowledge those games in Japan as Opening Day) is coming up, and…I have…an exam. From 2:30-3:45 on Monday. I also have classes from 11:30-1:20, but I was planning on, um, taking a break from those to watch the game.
But with this test nonsense, would I be better served to watch none of the game until later? Or should I still watch up until it’s time to leave for the Stupid Class of Insensitive Scheduling (also known as Criminal Justice), then catch the later innings afterwards? It’s quite the dilemma, one which could easily be solved if my teacher had ANY clue about anything. Instead, she’s dirtying the Best Day Ever with her filthy exam. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
And some other stuff to get you through the LAST WEEKEND of the offseason. (Sorry for yelling, I’m just really excited that this is the LAST WEEKEND.)
— Junior at FJM discovers why we should cancel every sporting event scheduled for the rest of eternity.
— In a series that sounds like a Rage Against some sort of Machine, Royals Authority encourages us to know or enemies:
Know Your Enemy: The Detroit Tigers
Know Your Enemy: The Cleveland Indians
Know Your Enemy: The Chicago White Sox
Know Your Enemy: The Minnesota Twins
There’s also a kind of recap of all the craziness happening with the KC roster.
Undying Royalty delicately handles the too-hot-to-touch Justin Huber trade.
— The Ladies… remind us why reading is a winning activity, and present a few hotties who will be taking the mound on Monday.
— For any fans of Big XII baseball, the #15 Huskers play at #13 Texas this weekend. Color me pumped for this; these series are always exciting.

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    Great now everyone will blame me for Part II of your projections being late

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    Heh, I’m sure the world is terribly upset about the lack of one more set of predictions from one more tiny blog! So yeah, good work Ray, it’s all your fault!

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