Jan 25

Happy Friday, y’all

Ahh, what a great day. It was much better than last Friday, when everything was garbage; today it was sunny and warm out (all of 36 degrees!), and the worst thing that happened to me was that I was a little bit late to Spanish class.
If you need to smile about a lot of random little things, read this post by JoePo, and all the comments too.
And, in preparation for the NFL’s biggest day, be sure to check out The Ladies…’ thoughts on how NOT to throw a Super Bowl party.
I started building a fun fantasy baseball team the other day. It’s made up of players about whom bad headline writers would make those puns* which make me groan and immediately discard the publication I’m reading. I’ll share the full roster when I’m finished,** but here’s a snippet.
My bullpen will include Tony Armas, Jr. (headline: All Armas in Pitt’s ‘pen come in for the win), Matt Capps, (Bullpen Capps off another Pirate win), and so on. Coming up with headlines for these guys is nauseating.
65 days until Opening Day…
*All puns
**I’m going through the Bill James Handbook alphabetically, and will pare down the players to a 40-man or 25-man when I get through all of them. I’m somewhere in the Cs right now.

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    I’m glad to hear that your Friday went better, alas mine was not so good. : (I loved Joe’s post but did you really mean that your car went over 1 million miles??? Or did you mean 100k? Missouri travels to Boulder today. I’m going to have to rely on the radio feed for this one. I’m traveling to my parents house today. My dad coaches basketball and I’m going to see his team play.

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    Bwahaha, I meant one hundred thousand. Guess I was trying to do too many things at once when I typed that one… good catch, buddy. If my little Taurus lived to one million miles, I’d probably name my firstborn Ford in gratitude. If I were the betting type, I’d bet that MU does better against CU than Nebraska did. I hope your Saturday goes better than your Friday did!

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    Hey. My Sat WAS better (although probably not enough to offset the negativity from Friday). Still, I’m doing well today. I wanted to write to comment on the MU game. They did fare better than Neb. in Boulder. They actually pulled out a dramatic come from behind win. That’s the good news….The bad news, MU’s best player got involved in a fight in the early morning hours of Sun. outside a bar, got his jaw broken and is out 4-6 weeks. I’m also glad to hear your car doesn’t have a million miles on it. That seemed pretty outrageous and unlikely. Mine is just a little over 100K too. Sadly today it appears that the power window has gone out on the driver side. Nice.

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