The fountains at Kauffman Stadium, right before fireworks.Nick Markakis running like mad for first.The Miller Lite signCUTE ALERT! Luke Hochevar and Mike Aviles giggling over somethingSome creepy fans kept calling out to Mark TeahenGreinke walking away
Greinke ThinkingBilly Butler looks like he's posing for this!Sluggerrr makes me look good at photographyBrayan Pena stretchingAndrej Sustr and Brent GwidtWheee!
Kurt MertinsThe ball knocked the scorebookCasey's shoe came untied.Powerade Power Team!Ryne SandbergThrowing free t-shirts
Who wants free t-shirts?!Devon LowerySetting up the finish lineJordan Parraz barrelling into the Bees' catcherKurt Mertins and Marc MaddoxDavid Lough being awesome and eyeblack-y.

My best/favorites, a set on Flickr.

>Here are links to collections of my (mostly) baseball photos on Flickr and Facebook. You are welcome to use any photo you like on your own blog or wherever, as long as you:

1.) Give appropriate credit, and
2.) Let me know you’ve used it. (This one’s actually optional. I just like to see where my stuff turns up!)

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