Jul 02

Plays at the plate all over the place

Last night I saw something I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen before – three plays at the plate in one inning. Omaha scored on one of the, which is fortunate because it was all they would get for many innings.

Getz getting theatrically tagged out at home. This was the first of THREE plays at the plate in the inning.

PLAY NUMBER ONE: Chris Getz, out, and tagged where a guy shouldn't be tagged.


Anthony Seratelli sliding past a tag for what would be the team's only run for a long, long time.

PLAY NUMBER TWO: Anthony Seratelli was safe!


Max Ramirez was out in BY FAR the least exciting play at the plate

PLAY NUMBER THREE: Max Ramirez probably should not have been sent here. It was...not close.

BONUS PLAY: Check out this incredible shot that New Orleans broadcaster Tim Grubbs passed along. Photographer ‘Baseball Jan’ caught Gorkys Hernandez beating up on the home plate umpire in a collision at the plate last week in New Orleans. Go visit Jan’s Facebook page and tell her how much you love the shot!

Gorkys Hernandez took out the home plate umpire on this play in New Orleans. PHOTO: Baseball Jan

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