Apr 10

Video of the day: Kevin Kouzmanoff

This site is probably going to just turn into a Kouzmanoff fan site. Might as well.

The Storm Chasers are 3-1. Team president/GM Martie Cordaro said he’s optimistic about this club, noting that as of Sunday (early in the game), the team had only had one bad half-inning.

It’s early, but Martie could be on to something. Of five players in the league who have already tripled twice, two are Storm Chasers. Only three guys have four doubles so far, and two of those are Chasers. Tony Abreu leads the league in hits right now. OBVIOUSLY this is the smallest of sample sizes, but it feels good to start the season like this with a roster that was feeling rather depleted.

I have been at the ballpark for every game except Saturday, a 5-0 win, and the end of Friday, a blown lead that is the team’s only loss thus far. (Knock on wood.) Fun times.

Your Family Resource Center story of the night:
One June, the Center got a referral from a local agency regarding a six-year-
old child who would be starting kindergarten in the fall. Due to environmental
factors, the child knew no letters, numbers, or shapes. He had never been on
a swing or ridden a bike, even with training wheels. His social skills were quite
delayed, as was his speech. The Center’s parent educator lined up appropriate
assistance; she herself visited the family twice a week over the summer and
weekly thereafter. By the end of the school year, the child had caught up with his

Please consider supporting the Family Resource Center by doing your regular Amazon shopping via my Affiliate link. ALL proceeds from the month of April will go to the Center.

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