Mar 02

Opening Day Countdown: 36

Let’s see if I can come up with a post every day of the rest of the offseason. Today, there are 36 days left until Opening Day on April 6.


is still, somehow, the most home runs any Royal has ever hit in a season.

One of my brothers asked me what I was going to blog about today. All I had to say was, “well, it’s Day #36,” and he knew. It’s a funny record, really. What a cute number of home runs. Eight Major Leaguers hit 36 or more last year, even in a depressed offensive year.  There were six in 2010, 11 in 2009, and 10 the year before that.

Sure, hitting 36 or more home runs is a fabulous accomplishment for a player, but it’s not unusual. (Ha! Now you have that song stuck in your head. It happens every day…) And yet no Royal besides Balboni has done it, and that was a quarter of a century ago.

Could this be the year that someone finally breaks the record?


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