Oct 25

UNO vs. Alaska Anchorage

Johnnie SearfossJayson MegnaJosh ArchibaldThis picture was all grainy, so I just effed with the midtones and contrast.Huddle!K bye guys!
Matt SmithTerry BroadhurstBrian O'RourkeCUDDLE PARTY!FaulknerA cluster of Mavs
Wooo goal celebration!Josh ArchibaldBrent GwidtBryce AneloskiBroadhurst skating in a bit of trafficBryce Aneloski
Ryan WaltersGwidtBroadhurst laying down a hitDominic Zombo(COM)More BroadhurstNot a goal.

UNO vs. Alaska Anchorage, a set on Flickr.

I took these on Saturday night…my first hockey game of the season! UNO won 3-1 to complete a sweep over the Seawolves. Also: SEA WOLVES.

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