Aug 28

Air show at Offutt Air Force Base

The Lima Lima T-34 Demo Team Lima Lima T-34 Demo TeamI may have teared up at this.One plane, symbolically leaving, never to return...DSC_0021Very very close together.
The formation of six planes is just to the left of the tail of the aircraft on the grounI think this was stunt pilot Jason Newburg, flying straigut up.......and then straaaaight down.Some people watching the action.The most American photo I will ever take.This was a shirt
A kid playing with a model Blue Angel plane, even though the Blue Angels weren't there this year...A B-52, reflected in my friend's sunglassesB-2!A B-2, flying over a B-52 on the ground.A family being all cute and stuff.This baby is an airplane too!
The plane from which the Golden Knights jumpedSweet vantage point.I don't know.A parachute in mid-deployment.The POW-MIA flag being parachuted in.The underside of an F-15

Sometimes I take a camera to things that are not baseball games. Yesterday was one of those times. Check out Air show at Offutt AFB, 27 August 2011, a set on Flickr.

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