Apr 02

The ‘On Pace for 162 Homers’ Club: Day 2

This is exactly what it sounds like. I’ll keep doing this until nobody is on pace for 162 home runs. All of the guys from yesterday are gone already, but of course, anyone could re-enter the Club by homering twice tomorrow!

JP Arencibia hit TWO today, plus a triple.
Jose Bautista
John Buck (Grand Slam, even!)
Nelson Cruz
Adam Dunn
Jack Hannahan
Ian Kinsler
Adam Lind
Jose Lopez
Andrew McCutchen
Miguel Montero
Logan Morrison
Mike Napoli
David Ortiz
Carlos Quentin
Carlos Santana
Justin Upton
Neil Walker
Ben Zobrist


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  1. RJ

    What about the guys who were on the list the FIRST day and then had an open day on Friday? Shouldn’t they still be on (for now at least)? Names like Braun, Granderson, Hernandez.

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