Oct 02

Couple of things: espnW and FanzGraphs

I took a break from staring at a blank Word document* last night to check in on Twitter, and noticed that Keith Law was arguing with some dude. I don’t really know what the origin of the fight was, but at one point the dude said, “Fan opinion is more often than not a true barometer of what the player is actually providing offensively.”

*trying to get a jump on next week’s homework

So I made this:

Also, the Ladies… discussed the espnW issue. Click here to see that discussion. I liked this comment from Games Mistress, but there were a lot of other good points too.

I get WHAT they’re after here: pretty much anyone in the US who is a big sports fan watches ESPN already, so they’ve basically maximized their viewing audience and now they are trying to find ways to draw new viewers.  But I think they’ve misinterpreted the problem as a gender thing because women are the biggest chunk of the group that doesn’t watch.

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