Jul 04

Fireworks, America, and a trade

RosenblattFireworks02.jpgAll I really wanted for my birthday was an Omaha Royals win. My day and my celebration were built around that game, and everything would be dampened if the ORoyals had lost.

And thanks to a trio of ORoyals home runs – capped by a Rick Ankiel walkoff winner! – I got my wish and had a smile on my face as I settled in to watch the postgame fireworks show. At one point, there was a flurry of fireworks that drowned out the music, but in the briefest of pauses before the next round of booms, all I could hear was:

“America, America, God shed his grace on thee….”

…yep. God bless America, and happy Independence Day.


One thing that minorly soured my celebration – Edwin Bellorin was traded during the game. He’s not the greatest of players – he can NOT hit – but I’ve come to love having him around. The dude has one of those infectious smiles that I can’t help but love. But with Manny Pina’s imminent callup to Omaha, one of our catchers had to be the odd man out, and it happened to be Bellorin. He left for Round Rock before the fireworks even started.

Before the game – and hence, before the trade – Bellorin made some comment about my (extremely douchey, I know) patriotic stunner shades. I let him wear them, and he didn’t give them back until after the game. So, as a fond farewell to Bellorin, here’s a picture of that:

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