Jul 31

UPDATED: No, really: Where is Kyle Farnsworth?

UPDATE: Hm, well this is SO much less fun than The Rookies’ ideas. Greg Schaum says, via Twitter: “Farnsworth is not being traded.he is joining the club in Tampa to get his regular work in. He is not being activated though”

I couldn’t help but notice last night at the stadium that Kyle Farnsworth didn’t make his scheduled rehab appearance. When I got home, I found out I wasn’t the only one who wondered. Lee Warren writes,

The Omaha Royals radio broadcast team said tonight that Kyle
Farnsworth, who was scheduled to pitch for Omaha tonight, is not with
the team. He was seen before the game gathering his things.

Oh. Well that…explains it? I still don’t know anything, but The Rookies had some guesses. (And I maaaaaay have been responsible for that fine photo illustration. Maybe.)

In all seriousness, I’d be shocked – truly! – if he were traded. That salary, plus that production, plus that 2-year commitment probably equals zero interest from buyers today. So where has he gone?

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