Jun 12

Why I hate life tonight

It’s 3:00 in the morning, and the humiliating sting of tonight’s loss hasn’t subsided in the slightest. It wasn’t just any loss. It was one worthy of inclusion in the All-Time Royals Hall of Shame, which would need a building the size of Kauffman Stadium to include everything.

I tried laughing about the absurdity of the whole thing, because I usually laugh things off in life. That’s just how I roll. But after a few SportsCenters and MLB Tonights* and discussions with friends and colleagues, it didn’t get any better. Hell, I even turned on the NBA game to distract myself, but failed miserably.

*I no longer watch Baseball Tonight, because I don’t hate myself THAT much.

Again, this wasn’t just any loss. It was another one of these freak occurrences, and I hate my life as a Royals fan tonight because nothing in that list is fiction.

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