Mar 14


So, remember when I said that Colorado would for sure lose to Baylor in round one of the Big XII Tournament Presented by Phillips 66?
wrong. So, so wrong. What the heck, Baylor? 12-seeds are NOT supposed to win these things, ever. EVER.
Other than that, I guessed correctly about the outcome of the round one games: Nebraska, OSU, and Texas A&M all did the right thing. That makes for Round 2 matchups of Texas vs. OSU (on right now), Oklahoma vs. Colorado at 2:00, my Huskers vs. Kansas at 6:00, and K State vs. Texas A&M at 8:20.
Spring break starts for me today, and I have long since checked out mentally. Unfortunately, I have one more class that will get in my way of watching today’s Big XII action. Worse yet, that particular professor does not allow laptops, so I can’t even check the score. Boo!
In Royals news, KC has a 4-game winning streak, their second such streak of Spring. I don’t want to be a negative Nellie, but the winning may stop at 4, as Brett Tomko is the starter today. It’s not that I don’t have any faith in Tomko, but…I don’t have the slightest bit of faith in him. I keep hearing from Giants and Dodgers fans that he has good stuff, but somehow never makes that translate into success. Some also say that his fastball doesn’t move at all, so how is he in the majors?
I hope I have to eat all of the above words (after “Nellie”). An unnamed scout told JoePo that Tomko could win 15 this year. That’s 15 MLB games, not like…15 innings, or 15 Lucky Lotto drawings, or 15 March Madness pools. That would be lots of flavors of lovely for the Royals and their fans. (that’s me!)
And in one last quick note: This Onion article is one of the funniest things I have read, ever.

ESPN.com baseball columnist Rob Neyer has announced the formula for a new statistic which compares and contrasts his own disillusionment with the sport of baseball against that felt by his fellow sabermetricians. “It’s called Baseball Fatigue Average, or ‘BFA,’ and it’s the most comprehensive anti-baseball stat out there,” said Neyer in a chat session in which he also argued the meaninglessness of the run batted in.

Wow. With that, I’ll leave y’all alone.

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