Feb 08

My secret love for the entertainment world comes out

Man, I’m really lovin’ the random stuff lately. Soon enough, there will be baseball about which to write, but until then I’m going to roll with random tidbits. See, I have this secret fascination with things like fashion, interior design, and celebrity gossip. I also have been watching TV lately, so expect some of that too. Here we go:
I’m a little worried about Paula Abdul’s alcohol use. It’s getting pretty darn bad; she can barely sit still, both on Idol and when she’s doing TV interviews. Behold:
This drunken interview

This drunken interview

One morning, two interviews, one horribly drunken state.
Also, how about this one for mommy-government: Illegal to listen to iPod when crossing the street?
Surely this can’t actually happen. How would they enforce it? Furthermore, if someone is so obsessed with their iPod that they can’t look for oncoming traffic on busy NYC streets, then they might kinda have it coming. And I see this all the time on campus … I’m amazed at how the iPod listening and phone-chattering really do detract from simpler people’s ability to, say, look for cars. How have I not seen someone get splatted by a bus while rockin’ out to their iTunes? I don’t know.
Ahh, here’s some good Royals stuff. My favorite Royals prospect this spring (besides Alex Gordon, to whom I would donate my soul if he asked) will be Billy Butler. He said some pretty cool things about gratitude for his abilities, waiting his turn for the majors, and interacting with young fans in this article. Very cool.
Lastly, Bravo’s new interior design show, Top Design, has kind of been a letdown. When I watched the first episode, something was bugging me; the show just felt kind of…off. The boys who brought us Project RunGay also have a blog devoted to Top Design. They offered their opinions about TD’s flaws better than I ever could.

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