Oct 11

God. HATES. The Royals.

From September 8, 2006 on my MySpace blog.
Mark Teahen’s season is over. He needs shoulder surgery
My thoughts:
1. I guess I’m glad he didn’t wait. That would cut into next season, which would be dangerous for the team (Next season will be a huge turnaround, by the way). They defnitely need him in as many games as possible next year. This season’s a throwaway, essentially, which is hard for me to come out and say, but I’ve been feelin it a while anyway.
2. What a champ! He’s been playing through this pain for SO long, and never once complained or asked for a day off. The dude has got balls. And heart. And that’s exactly what a struggling team like KC needs. Mark Teahen essentially has been carrying the team on his back, while suffering shoulder issues.
3. I will never ever ever declare a player as my favorite Royal again. Every time I do that, they have to have season-ending surgery. (side note: when I say “favorite Royal,” I obviously mean “favorite Royal other than David DeJesus.” Y’all already know he’s my favorite.) Right after I declared Teahen and Shealy to be “the awesomest corner infielders,” this has to happen.
4. As my brother Brad so carefully pointed out…It could be worse. “At least it wasn’t in a playoff season, like all the Red Sox players getting lymphoma, heart cancer, death, etc,” he said. Very true.
5. I would like to wish Mark Teahen a speedy recovery. I’m trying to find out where I could send cards and whatnot. GET BETTER SOON, MARK! We’re SO screwed without you buddy!

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