May 01

All-Star Voting – Vote Brewers and Royals

The talented proprietor of CuteSports (who is one of the newest writers at Ladies…) and I are once again teaming up to get some All-Star votes for our oft-forgotten Midwestern Teams. Here’s a link to her side of the proposal.

The way I see it, ASG voting is stupid anyway. Sure, you could labor over stats and merits of every player on the ballot, but the players who get voted in are:
1) the ones that average fans have heard of,
2) the obligatory pity-player from the crappy teams, or possibly
3) the ones with random cult followings and online campaigns for ASG selection.

So if you’d like, join CuteSports and me in supporting each other’s smaller-market, Midwestern (and therefore invisible to many people) teams. If you don’t know or care who gets your vote on the NL side, just vote Brewers, and know that Brewers fans will be doing the same for our Royals.

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